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Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) or Desktop virtualization refers to the application of running virtual desktop within a server. Through this application, multiple users can be logged into the same server at the same time benefitting from the virtualized environment in multiple ways.Learn More


Benefits of VDI

A Video Speaks a Million Words

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Our Solutions


vMatrix Server Manager software provides the most powerful yet easiest-to-deploy, use, and manage sharing solution without sacrificing desktop experience and delivers the best TCO.


vCloudPoint Zero Client S100

The vCloudPoint device is referred to as a zero client in contrast to thin client and PC, it contains no moving parts but only the necessary hardware and firmware to initialize a conversation with the network, begin network protocol processes, and display desktop output. It centralises all software, processing, and management to just what is running on the host, leaving little more than a keyboard, mouse and monitor at a user’s desk. As a result, it requires no endpoint management software, no local driver to install, no patch management, and no local operating system licensing fees or updates. The device consumes very little power and is tamper-resistant and completely incapable of storing any data locally, providing a more secure endpoint.

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